Acupunture £42

A traditional Chinese treatment which compliments KORE Therapy.  The Chinese believe that many conditions are caused by blockages within our system.  Acupunture works by releasing blockages from our meridian lines which are within our body, encouraging the system to rebalance and to start the healing process.

Acupunture can help with many health conditions, pain, insomnia, migraines, digestive issues, fatigue, auto immune disorders, infertility and hormonal imbalance to name but a few.

Acupunture and KORE work well as a separate treatment but together they complement eachother to enhance your treatment.

Acupuncture is tailored to the individual using the best points to suit your condition.

Acupunture used as as a separate treatment or together with Kore therapy


Hopi Ear Candling £27

A non invasive relaxing treatment which gently warms up the wax and impurities and draws them out of the ear. A natural alternative to ear syringing, this treatment is so gentle that it can be given to children.


  • Great for extracting compact wax
  • Great for clearing sinuses
  • Can reduce headaches
  • Some people find it helps with tinnitus
  • Hearing is improved due to elimination of built up wax
  • A great pre-holiday treatment to reduce painful ears during landing and takeoff when flying