Pregnancy Massage

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Pregnancy Massage in Market Weighton

Massage is a holistic therapy which provides so many health benefits,  providing relaxation and a sense of wellbeing as well as relieving muscle tension, stress and pain.  Pregnancy massage includes all of these benefits as well as being a great benefit to mum and the unborn baby, supporting the mother and helping her prepare for birth.

Pregnancy can bring many changes to the body which can put extra pressure on the joints and ligaments, as well as the extra demands on the whole system specifically, the respiratory system.  Massage during pregnancy can alleviate aches and pains and support the changes associated with pregnancy.

What is pregnancy massage and why should I do it?

Pregnancy massage is a therapy which has many benefits for both mother and unborn baby.

  • It reduces muscle tension and aches and pains associated with pregnancy are reduced from this healing therapy.
  • It also helps to reduce oedema and reduces the risk of developing Carpal tunnel.
  • It supports the mother with breathing, the intercostal, pectoralis minors and scalene muscles can boost respiratory function as the uterus grows and pushes towards the diaphragm.
  • The massage will encourage deeper breathing, helping you to feel better.
  • It is very relaxing which is beneficial to both mother and unborn baby as well as reducing stress levels, pregnancy massage also lowers blood pressur
  • Massage also increases oxytocin which helps to reduce pain.

Is pregnancy massage safe?

Pregnancy massage is a safe treatment, however doctors do advise to wait until you are through your first trimester before having treatment. To ensure safety to mother and baby there is a consultation process to go through which will go through your medical history and highlight any contraindications to the treatment.

It will also give you chance to discuss any problems that you are having with your pregnancy and any previous pregnancies, this will give me a good background to your history and ensure that it is safe to proceed with treatment.

During the massage mum to be will lay on her side with pregnancy cushions to support her and her unborn baby, she will be massaged with a gentle carrier oil instead of essential oils to avoid any allergies or risk to her unborn baby.

What to expect from your pregnancy massage appointment

We will go through a detailed consultation to check that it safe for you to proceed with the treatment, you will then be asked to lie on your side where you will be supported with a pregnancy cushion so that you are both comfortable.

Your treatment will include either a 30 minute back neck and shoulder massage or a 60 minute full body massage which includes the back, neck and shoulders, arms hands legs and feet and scalp if you wish. You will be massaged with a gentle carrier oil.

After treatment you will be given a glass of water and given sent some aftercare advice verbally and through your email.

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