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Reflexology in Market Weighton, East Yorkshire

Reflexology is a therapy that has been around for centuries. In ancient Egyptian times images of people massaging feet have been discovered engraved in the walls of the Egyptian tombs, as they believed in the healing properties of massage.

In our modern world, life is lived at a very fast pace were we have little time for ourselves, and stress levels can be through the roof!  Reflexology is a calming, balancing and relaxing treatment, that reduces stress levels, gives a sense of wellbeing, as well as being a therapy that has helped clients with many different health conditions.

What is Reflexology and does it work?

Reflexology can be given on the feet, hands, ears and face. I predominately work  on the feet.

Reflexology works by massaging the feet using a specific technique.  The feet are divided up into reflex areas and zones which represent a map of the human body.  By pressing these reflex areas, we are connecting to a specific area of the body, by working the areas we are encouraging the body to rebalance and heal.  Like many complementary therapies reflexology works alongside other medicinal treatments to help manage pain and other symptoms.  I regularly see clients with a range of symptoms that they have found reflexology helps with including,  hormonal imbalance,  pain management, digestive issues, stress, anxiety, depression and many more.

Is Reflexology for you?

Reflexology is treated mainly on the feet but if you prefer I am happy to treat you on your hands instead.  Reflexology is a safe relaxing therapy which can be treated on any age group including babies.  During pregnancy it is advisable to find a practitioner who specialises in maternity reflexology.  With reflexology being a holistic therapy even though treatment is given to the feet we are actually working on the whole body encouraging the body to heal and balance physically, spiritually and emotionally, helping you to feel a sense of calm relaxation and stress relief.  Reflexology can be given as a one off treatment or if we are trying to sort out a specific condition it is advisable to have a regular weekly course of treatment of up to 6 sessions.

My approach to Reflexology

I am very passionate about reflexology and I strongly believe in the health benefits and healing properties it gives.   When treating a client I like to tailor the treatment to what the client needs on that day, so if a client is suffering from a digestive issue, I would adapt the treatment by using more reflex points to help balance their digestive system.  I feel it is important to personalise the therapy to that individual client,  rather than one treatment fits all.  I also like to finish the treatment off by giving a little bit of Reiki healing,  if the client so wishes.


What to expect from your Reflexology treatment.

With Reflexology being predominately treated on the feet, the treatment is fully clothed except for the feet.  If you prefer to have reflexology on the hands this is available on request. you will be able to lie flat on the couch or be sat up if preferred.

The process starts with cleansing the hands or feet and massaging them using talc.  Starting on the right foot first the feet are then massaged in a specific way to focus on the different areas which relate and connect to body.  During the treatment you may feel waves of relaxation and calmness, you may also feel like falling asleep, this is fine as it is important to go with what the body needs to do.

Sometimes you may feels points of very slight discomfort on an area I am working on, this is often linked to where there are areas of discomfort or imbalance within the body.  By continuing to work on that area we are encouraging the body to heal.  At the end of the treatment we finish off with some Reiki healing.

You will then receive some aftercare advice on what to expect after treatment.  Reflexology can be received as a one off treatment, but if we are trying to sort out a specific problem a course of one treatment per week is are recommended over the following 4 to 6 weeks, it is very much an individual choice, with what works best for you.


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